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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

A twilight stroll around Mdina

It has been a struggle to sit down and write - well, the writing part was hard; sitting down has never felt easier. It's the end of July and we're right at summer's peak, also known as the dog days of summer. August looms - the month I dread most. I always say that the only good thing about August is that some of my favourite people were born in it. Other than that it feels like an endless month of heat waves, mosquito bites and, in my case, a crazy cocktail of fatigue and restlessness that makes me very agitated and occasionally grumpy. Forget the 'occasionally' - I tend to be grumpy on most days form now until the cooler weather returns.

So what do you I when it's too hot to think and the world feels like its closing in on me? Go for a stroll to  Mdina, of course - preferably while enjoying an ice-cream from La Brioscia, which, I am happy to report, probably serve the most generous portions on the island and their dark-chocolate orange flavour is to die-for. But I am digressing from my main topic.

Mdina is beautiful at any time but I love it even more at twilight. It's just so peaceful and I always get the niggling sensation that we're surrounded by the ghosts of centuries-past. (I don't know, but maybe they like dark chocolate orange ice-cream too).

So what do you think? Do you think there are any ghosts lurking around? Os is it just the old bones of this place that make my imagination run wild?

I've been to Mdina so many times. I've taken visitors there, explored every nook and cranny and taken hundreds of photos of its streets, houses and monuments; and yet, each time I return, I feel like it's a new experience and I continue to add to my to my images. Because, believe it or not, there's always a subtle nuance in the light, a different perspective or angle from which to shoot a photo, that makes the experience seem like brand new. I can get lost for hours in Mdina, much to my son's annoyance. He always asks me how many photos I plan on taking of the same place. To which I usually blithely reply 'Thousands'. Because I will do what it takes to capture the essence of this place I love so much.

If anybody is interested or holidaying in Malta, the house with bougainvillea-covered facade is available for rent. It is called The Bastion  and you may find it here or here. The property comes with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and even has its own swimming pool. It can house up to 5 guests at a time. 
And no, this is not a sponsored post but I just thought I'd share a very unique rental within Mdina.

More about Mdina (for those that may be new to this blog or for anyone that wants a re-read):

Enjoy the dog days. I will try my best to stay sane.


Debbie Nolan said...

Loree as always awesome pictures. I can see why you would take many photos. Hope cooler weather will arrive earlier to revive you. Hugs!

Pipistrello said...

Ah, I hadn't realised Mdina was right up on the coast like that. The Bastion truly is one! Your laneway photos always give it the impression of being a walled town in the middle of the island for some reason. Perhaps it's the modern notion that if you're near the sea, you want wide vistas, when in times past you only wanted shelter from the elements.

I'm not an ice cream lover, and in fact my running joke about it is that it has to be 40 degrees before I consider it to be "ice cream weather", but your favoured flavour sounds pretty delicious!

Ice cream weather will pass soon before you know it, Loree!

La Contessa said...

I AM going now to click on the RENTAL!
BUCKET LIST!MEET YOU AND SEE MALTA and you're NOT that far away from ITALY so I can see the FAMILY TOO!

kim at northerncalstyle. said...

Gosh Loree so beautiful!! I love this rental too. I had no idea of the history of Malta and the Mdina. It's on my list now. I love how you write! Looks magical. xo Kim

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Beautiful photos. I believe we do have a crew of ghosts that strol with us through life, and the places we visit. We share the beauty we see.
As for dark chocolate orange ice cream, it gives me an idea. Instead of making peach ice cream, I can make a sundae with dark chocolate ice cream covered in mashed peaches.

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