Wednesday, 29 July 2020

It has been a struggle to sit down and write - well, the writing part was hard; sitting down has never felt easier. It's the end of July and we're right at summer's peak, also known as the dog days of summer. August looms - the month I dread most. I always say that the only good thing about August is that some of my favourite people were born in it. Other than that it feels like an endless month of heat waves, mosquito bites and, in my case, a crazy cocktail of fatigue and restlessness that makes me very agitated and occasionally grumpy. Forget the 'occasionally' - I tend to be grumpy on most days form now until the cooler weather returns.

So what do you I when it's too hot to think and the world feels like its closing in on me? Go for a stroll to  Mdina, of course - preferably while enjoying an ice-cream from La Brioscia, which, I am happy to report, probably serve the most generous portions on the island and their dark-chocolate orange flavour is to die-for. But I am digressing from my main topic.

Mdina is beautiful at any time but I love it even more at twilight. It's just so peaceful and I always get the niggling sensation that we're surrounded by the ghosts of centuries-past. (I don't know, but maybe they like dark chocolate orange ice-cream too).

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

It's mid-July and, although I promised myself at the beginning of this year that I would continue to blog throughout summer, I am already finding that my inspiration is low and the going hard. Which is why I missed my 'Life, lately', post last week. 

In reality, not much has happened that was different from the previous months, except for going out to dinner to celebrate our 17th anniversary on June 15. We went to Root 81, same as last year, so nothing new. I highly recommend this restaurant. The food is very good, the presentation excellent and the service courteous and attentive. I had beef tagliata followed by Nutella-stuffed donuts and chocolate icecream. Delicious. It was nice to be out after so many weeks of social distancing.



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