Tuesday, 30 June 2020

A perfect day

Today was one of those perfect summer days. Yesterday was a public holiday and I took the day off today so I had a super-long weekend. My son has also finished school so we decided to make the most of it and headed to the beach early in the morning. 

We were there by 9.30 am and parking was easy since the airport won't be opening up until tomorrow. We were able to spread our towels without encroaching on anybody else]s space. It was a hot one today but there was a nice breeze at the beach which kept things very pleasant. I spent the first half hour just listening to the waves die gently on the sand and staring at the water. Ir was so soothing that I quickly felt the tight knot in my stomach that I walk around with so often, dissipating. We swam for an hour, dried off and left just before the heat reached it zenith. 

I then spent most of the afternoon lounging on the couch, reading, checking Instagram and enjoying the cool breeze from our ceiling fan. It was one of our best investments: a sleek, modern contraption of stainless steel with wooden blades. Even on a low setting it cools down the room enormously. I've also learnt to close all doors and windows, except for the smallest of cracks, to keep the heat out. Most of the time, it seems to work.
Gnejna Bay, Malta - Sincerely Loree

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Kitchen tales: Cooking with capers

The caper plant (Capparis spinosa) is a very common sight around the Mediterranean. It is highly adapted to the  Mediterranean climate and withstands temperatures of 40°C easily. Here in Malta, the bushes grow out of all sorts of nooks and crannies, in areas of garigue, from cliff-faces and even out of limestone ramparts and bastions, from where it is often removed to prevent structural damage to the fortifications.

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Life, lately: it's been, oh, so quiet

It's June (can you believe it?) and things are slowly going back to normal. Yet I don't feel an urge to embrace normality. It's safe in here: a refuge where I can shut out the noise and concentrate on the little things that have sustained us for these past 2.5 months; a place of comfort where every little thing is familiar and loved. Outside these walls, the world seems to be a place of confusion and chaos. But here, it's been,  oh so quiet; and I've been thriving on quiet. Thriving and resting. aligning my often-erratic thoughts into some semblance of order and giving myself the time to just be. I've stopped worrying what I should write about, feeling thankful that I've never tried to fit my blog into a specific niche. Which means I am free to write about almost anything. So today I'll just be sharing some of the things I've been doing during this quiet time that is soon coming to an end.

Quiet moments: walks in the countryside
Chadwick Lakes - Sincerely Loree

May 1st was a holiday and we hiked a trail in the valley beneath our house. We were surrounded by cultivated fields on all around us.

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