Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Drum roll, please, as October exits the building. Can you believe that we are close to, not just the end of another month, but of another year. I certainly can't and I spend quite a bit of time wondering where all the days went. I lived them, of course, but it doesn't always feel like I did. Perhaps, by now, I should stop being surprised at the fleeting nature of time - but it gets me, every time.

Life lately:

Date night in Valletta
It's not often that my husband and I go out on dates. I am not sure why but probably because I feel guilty leaving our son at home and he's generally good company (even if he is a teenager) so, more often than not. he tags along. But he had a party earlier this month , so we were free to do out thing (sans the guilt). Since both my husband and I love to take photos, we spent a good couple of hours wandering around Valletta and doing just that. Every time I visit our capital city I am surprised by all the changes that have taken place in a short period of time. It's not all good. But it is what it is. When photographing Valletta, I like to find quiet little corners where I can take the time to look up and around without having to contend with crowds.

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

We're officially one month into the season already but autumn continues to elude us. We've had rain, yes. And a few thunderstorms and days with big grey clouds sailing majestically across the sky. But the temperatures have remained warm - in the mid- to high twenties - and our plants have come alive with flowers, blooming under the double caress of a gentler sun and higher levels of humidity. It should be a blessing. It is a blessing. But I cannot help feeling jealous when I scroll through my Instagram feed and see people wearing cosy sweaters and talking about cashmere and spicy pumpkin lattes in the same breath - not that I drink lattes since I am of the opinion that milk does nothing to enhance the taste of coffee and I only ever drink mine black, without sugar - but people are still walking around in summer clothes and eating ice-creams here. And I am desperately waiting for the weather to break.
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Thursday, 3 October 2019

I am sure you are all asking yourselves 'are there really only 5 beautiful places in England?' The answer, of course, is NO. But I had to start somewhere. So I've started with 5 of the most pretty places in England that I've seen to date. 

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Bath is a gorgeous city that dates back to the Roman occupation of Britain. Its Roman baths are extremely well preserved and one of its major attractions. But Bath's  Georgian architecture is equally famous and the sweeping Royal Crescent is one of its most famous landmarks. The city's Gothic cathedral is medieval in origin with a number of additions and alterations that were made in the Victorian era. Bath has a plethora of small, independent shops, among them unique book shops and antique stores selling some very quirky objects, that are a pleasure to browse through.


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