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Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Waiting for autumn

We're officially one month into the season already but autumn continues to elude us. We've had rain, yes. And a few thunderstorms and days with big grey clouds sailing majestically across the sky. But the temperatures have remained warm - in the mid- to high twenties - and our plants have come alive with flowers, blooming under the double caress of a gentler sun and higher levels of humidity. It should be a blessing. It is a blessing. But I cannot help feeling jealous when I scroll through my Instagram feed and see people wearing cosy sweaters and talking about cashmere and spicy pumpkin lattes in the same breath - not that I drink lattes since I am of the opinion that milk does nothing to enhance the taste of coffee and I only ever drink mine black, without sugar - but people are still walking around in summer clothes and eating ice-creams here. And I am desperately waiting for the weather to break.
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I've been away for a while from here and I wish I could say that my absence has been due to some interesting project or exciting social life.  But the truth is, it was mainly laziness and lack of inspiration that kept me away. I've spent a lot of my evenings these past three weeks reading, nursing my little toe that I may or may not have fractured (I never bothered having it checked by a doctor) after I ran into our very solid, wooden coffee table, and thinking guiltily about what I can do to be more active. Inertia has become one of my best friends which is not a good thing. I need to get out of this funk as soon as my toe is well enough for me to be able to wear some sneakers.

To be honest, we did have some minor house projects to work on which may have distracted me a bit. At the end of September we painted our peachy-pink living room a light shade of green. It's very spring-like but I miss our old colour. It used to make me feel like I was bathed in the rosy rays of sunset no matter the weather or the season. But, after 15 years of repainting the room in the same shade, we thought it was time for something different. Except maybe not this different. I'm still in the process of 'shopping our house'  for accessories that will look good against the new wall colour. Next weekend we'll be tackling what used to be the playroom but is now turning into a mini library. I am dreading it, as there are still quite a few toys in it that  no longer get played with but which my son wants to keep. No changes in colour there. I love the neutral beige walls.
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After that is done, we will be hanging up our paint brushes until spring as we start to look forward to the end-or-year festivities. With an American in the house, I am sure that, before too long, we will be planning our Thanksgiving menu and then looking forward to Christmas. The stores here removed all the summer paraphernalia like beach umbrellas and deck-chairs and immediately replaced them with Christmas trees and tinsel. I just don't get it.  Christmas is my favourite holiday. It's a special and meaningful time of year. But I hate the over-commercialization of it.

In the meantime, I will continue to impatiently wait for autumn. This year, like every other year, I will look for the subtle changes that remind me that, even though it is slow in coming, it is on its way. The grass is starting to grow and  the vine leaves have turned orange and then brown. The olives are being harvested and I can hear robins, and other birds whose names I don't know, twittering and singing outside our windows. Soon the last remnants of summer will disappear but, clinging tenaciously to these days of light and warmth, a lonely cricket hidden in a garden wall, sadly chirps its final farewell.
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P.S. Yes, it's still warm enough to swim.


Pipistrello said...

All the seasons seem to be topsy-turvy these days, late in coming then overstaying. Being in an urban space the transitions don't seem so obvious - no harvests to watch or seasonal animals to note. We've some deciduous trees back in leaf and the manic and relentless chip-chipping of a chick in a tree near our windows and washing can stay on the line longer in the day. But does it feel like spring? The hay fever of September has passed but I'm not ready to swap soups for salads at lunch.

Green is a good colour for walls! We have a greyish-green for our bedroom. It may take some getting used to and if it's the right shade it will cope with winter light. After nearly twenty years we painted our yellow sunroom and dining room walls a solid grey and were utterly delighted with how all the furniture and whatnot looked so different and so much better. Not followers of trends, we just go with what we like. I dare say, our colour choices and home fittings go in and out of fashion without us even registering it.

It's so easy to break or as-good-as-break a little toe! Bare feet around the home will always invite trouble. How do such innocuous little digits find the verve to spring away from the safety of their siblings and connect with furniture? One of life's mysteries!

Loree said...

Thank you for your lovely comment Pipistrelle. I completely agree with all you said especially the part about going with what you like. We're like that too, couldn't care less what's trending or popular. We keep our things forever or until they fall apart.

La Contessa said...

OH, I think I would MISS YOUR OLD WALL COLOR TOO!GREEN is good for the LIBRARY!TRY ORANGE NEXT TIME IN THE SALON!!!!!!!!Or just paint ONE WALL and live with that to see if you like it!DON'T SETTLE AS YOU ARENOT HAPPY!!!!!!!BE HAPPY you did not PAY a DECORATOR To do that so YOU ARE SAVING MONEY!!!
I am off TO GARDEN CLUB TODAY SO will say TALLY HO as I must dress MY BODY!

Gattina said...

We have our up and downs here a real rollercoaster, one day warm, one day cold, nearly each day rain and the trees striptease. I don't like autumn, because it is the start of winter and the years end festivities. Today it's 18° but grey, people are a bit depressed because of the lack of sunshine. And I suffer from a lack of energy !! Our living room is painted in a creme color except one wall which is in a deep warm red color. Living in a rainy country green would feel cold.

Debbie Nolan said...

Loree autumn was slow in arriving here too - don't give up home I am sure it will make its way to you soon.

So agree with you concerning Christmas...everyone is in such a hurry to get there that they miss lovely autumn moments and Thanksgiving. Wish this commercialism would go away and the true meaning would be celebrated. Take care friend. Hugs!

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