Thursday, 29 August 2019

August round-up and faves

August always seems like the longest and laziest month of the year. Which is not surprising as it is usually the hottest month of summer and, this year, it lived up to its reputation very well. It also seems to have dragged on interminably. I know that some people are not ready to bid summer farewell but I can't wait for rain, cooler weather and grass. I miss the greenery and pretty flowers so much. But we're getting there. Slowly.
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So what have we done this August? Not much. Or perhaps I should say 'nothing at all' - apart from visits to the beach. I've been very laid-back this year and ditched housework in favour of the cool sea-water. I decided that there's nothing wrong with dust on the furniture and a few stray grains of sand on the floor and, by not following my usual routine, I feel quite liberated.

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Louisville, mint julep and the Kentucky Derby

We almost didn’t make it to Louisville. My husband, who plans all our trips to the US, suggested it as an easy day trip from Indianapolis where we would be staying with his cousin. I wanted to know what there was of interest in Louisville and he mentioned a  cave somewhere on the outskirts of the city. I think I rolled my eyes and said that I didn’t want to see another cave. But then he told me that there were a lot of Victorian buildings in the downtown area. That was all I needed to give the green light.

In the end, we skipped the cave completely and, while my husband and son visited the Louisville Slugger Museum, I headed across the street to the Frazier History Museum. It was the perfect choice for me and I learnt quite a bit about Louisville, bourbon, the Kentucky Derby and mint julep. 
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Thursday, 1 August 2019

Back home and feeling human again

Well, we are back – have been back since last Saturday and finally the feeling of wanting to eat or sleep at odd hours has disappeared. The journey to and from the US is always a bit of a nightmare for me since I practically never sleep, hate confined spaces and we have to make 3 stops (each way) before we get to our final destination. But that’s over and done with and we’re home where I’m dealing with the more mundane tasks of piles of laundry, overdue grocery shopping and finding space in my overflowing wardrobe for my new purchases. I tried to only buy items that I needed but, this year, I found some lovely ‘Made in Italy’, clothing and accessories at TJ Maxx which was totally unexpected. It’s always hit and miss at that store. This year I was lucky and I might share some of my finds in another post.

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