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Thursday, 29 August 2019

August round-up and faves

August always seems like the longest and laziest month of the year. Which is not surprising as it is usually the hottest month of summer and, this year, it lived up to its reputation very well. It also seems to have dragged on interminably. I know that some people are not ready to bid summer farewell but I can't wait for rain, cooler weather and grass. I miss the greenery and pretty flowers so much. But we're getting there. Slowly.
August Sunset | Sincerely Loree | Lifestyle Blog

So what have we done this August? Not much. Or perhaps I should say 'nothing at all' - apart from visits to the beach. I've been very laid-back this year and ditched housework in favour of the cool sea-water. I decided that there's nothing wrong with dust on the furniture and a few stray grains of sand on the floor and, by not following my usual routine, I feel quite liberated.

Life lately

So, with all the napping and lounging around, I've had a lot of time to think. Many of my thoughts have been about this blog (nothing new there really); about what I want to write about and what I am passionate about. About the things that matter. And sometimes the things that matter will be big things and on other days, they will be more little, daily things. Like sunsets. August sunsets, to be more specific. 
August Sunset | Sincerely Loree | Lifestyle Blog

I have to confess that I love to hate August because I have never learned to embrace the heat, the drought, the mosquitoes and the dust. But at the end of each day, August burrows itself into my heart by treating us to some of the most spectacular sunsets of the year. This is no time for pastels or reticence. The colours are ferocious in their intensity: blood red, burnt orange, vermilion, amber and inky shades of indigo and violet. They are smeared across the giant canvas of the sky by an invisible master-painter. Someone with wild eyes and wilder hair. Some type of celestial Van Gogh. Because August colours are in-your-face spectacular - a fitting farewell to the last days of summer. 

As you've probably realised by now, there was not much going on this August. I even failed to bake my husband a cake for his birthday or organise a party or a barbecue but we going out for dinner tomorrow. At least I managed to raise myself out of my stupor long enough to make a reservation.

Apart from our trip to the US, it's been a low-key kind of summer. Let's see what September brings (hopefully some rain). So let's move on to some of my favourite internet reads.

Favourite links

  1. Have you ever felt invisible? Vicki Archer tells us she thinks it's the best thing that ever happened to her in the article Better Not Younger: Embrace the Invisible. It is certainly thought-provoking.
  2. The Londoner shows us what market day in Provence looks like and now I have market-envy.
  3. During our visit to the US last month, I was intrigued to see little outdoor libraries where people were encourage to 'take a book and leave a book'. I spotted the ones below in Indianapolis and Hannibal. Visit Carly The Prepster's blog for ideas on how to create your own Little Free Library
  4. If some of you are getting nostalgic for autumn decor, French Country Cottage has some great ideas on how to create an autumn ambiance.
  5. Ashley Cramp makes her case for not buying new A/W 19 clothes and why she is embracing slow fashion.

Outdoor Library | Sincerely Loree | Lifestyle Blog
My favourite Instagram photo of the month

is by @leonardodimino and it shows a cute little creature that usually only makes an appearance during the summer months. Don't take a peek if you're not fond of reptiles.

That's all for this month. My head is bursting with ideas about topics I want to write about in the coming weeks. I always wish I had more time on my hands to indulge in this hobby more frequently. As it is, I do the best I can and I hope you enjoy the little peeks into my (rather boring) world.


Pipistrello said...

Hi Loree, your August sunsets are spectacular! It's very nice to embrace the seasonal slowness when you are in peak summer; dust and sand hurt no one at the end of the day!

It's always a pleasure to read your blog and reassuring to know that after many years you still brim with ideas for your writing. Finding the time is really the hardest thing, though. I've a good half-dozen posts sitting as drafts but even though I don't have the imperative of a day job and young family to consume my hours, I still find it hard to get them finished and posted. I marvel that some bloggers knock out daily posts, albeit often without colourful illustrations and more than a cursory edit. Where do they get the time?

Slow fashion? I've this week bought myself a 1933 Singer sewing machine (well, I'm actually now the owner of 2, but that's another story) that is intended for projects that have been sitting in the To Do pile for nearly two decades!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Happy Birthday to Your Husband!
Your photos are gorgeous!

Love Ashley Cramp's blog. The A/W, rent clothes is a great idea. I try to renovate clothes. It takes planning first before cutting. :)
The creature Instagram photo is darling!

Cobalt Violet said...

I feel you about August but I think today is one of our warmest days this year! LA is usually pretty hot in September. I shouldn't really complain though because our summer here was milder than most but today we have the AC running.

I've been off fast fashion for quite a while and my favorite thing lately is browsing Ebay for old seasons of things, vintage and groovy stuff from Asia or tartan from Scotland. It's much more fun than buying stuff off the rack at a mall store.

Anyway, hope things cooling down there! I love your sunset photos! Gorgeous!

Gattina said...

August was not really August here it was a roller coaster weather or too hot or too cold. We wanted to go to the see and the weather changed to cold so we never made it ! These book boxes we have everywhere that's very nice you take books you like and leave the once you have read, costs nothing and is a win win for everybody. I didn't move in August either wanted to go a bit to Amsterdam, but it didn't work. School has started yesterday and with that a lot of traffic !

Mary said...

We have several Little Free Libraries around - one just a minute from my home. I stop often, drop off a book and sometimes take one. Now my daughter has one on her street so I've been donating to that one also.

Great post and lovely photos Loree. I'm glad over, and still too hot here, but now we're sitting with fingers crossed concerned that Hurricane Dorian will make its landfall right here on the North Carolina coast.
It's a monster storm, already devastated the Bahamas, and we may feel its wrath come Friday night.

Mary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Debbie Nolan said...

Loree clicked on all your links...each was inspiring...certainly identified with Ashley Cramp...I too am taking a much more minimalist walk in many ways. Loved the library idea...such a wonderful way to pass along favorite reads and receive them back. Your August sunsets were breathtaking. Hope September brings you cooler weather. Thanks always for your wonderful posts. Hugs!

ashley cramp said...

lovely post loree and thank you for including a link to me!
ashley xx

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