March faves

I think that nearly everybody loves March. For those of us that love winter, March is cold enough to pretend that it will continue for a while longer; for those that love summer, March is a promise that the crazy season will soon be on its way.

My favourite thing about March this year is that our bathroom renovation is finally over – except for a few odds and ends that we need to purchase to complete the look . It took longer than expected but I might write about it and share some photos some other time. I am not convinced that writing about a bathroom renovation fits in with the reawakening that I promised you in my last post but, if I decide to do it, I’ll try to make it as interesting as possible.

March is always about new beginnings and that is what our little garden needs. My flower beds and pots are crying for attention. They have been sorely neglected. There are forests of weeds (nothing seems to deter them from growing) and the leaves of some plants have been torn to shreds by some very spectacular storms we have had this year.  Time to prune and cut and sow. Nature amazes me with its largesse. With a little love and care our little garden patch will be brought back from the brink of disaster to give us joy until the cold season returns. It’s a struggle to keep everything alive in summer. The heat and drought test the strength of the hardiest plants but we will do our part to make sure that they will survive.

Now for this month’s faves:
  1. World of Wanderlust gives us a tour of ten of the prettiest castles in Europe. Have you been to any of them? I’ve only been to this one.
  2. Wine and cheese are a perfect combination for entertaining on those warmer nights that will soon be with us. Cassandra LaValle provides a board pairing guide for the perfect tasting party.
  3. I am not a minimalist and neither is this cute Minnesota couple. I really enjoyed touring their welcoming and quirky home that was  featured on Cup of Jo. I love people who surround themselves with mementos that  mean something.
  4. Strawberry season is here and I can’t wait to make this Strawberry Shortcake Cake again. I had made it for Easter Sunday dessert a few years ago and it was an instant hit. I’d share the photos but they’re rather blurry.
A year ago exactly we were in Rome, which probably explains my choice for this month’s favourite Instagram photo. Because I’m feeling nostalgic. Because I long to be back. Because there’s no such thing as too many visits to Rome. But for now, Fabrizio Ricci’s photo of Piazza Navona at night will have to do.

Instead of Rome, this week I will be in Ulm (Germany) on a short business trip. The last time I was in Germany I was 14 years old. It seems like two lifetimes ago. At that time, the country was not yet united and the capital of West Germany was Bonn. Europe has changed so much (for the better) since the end of the Cold War. But one thing that I hope has not changed is my favourite German dessert: Black Forest Gateau. I can’t wait to eat a slice or two. You all know I’m a chocoholic but what is your favourite dessert?
Debbie Nolan said...

Loree your list of 5 things was just great. I remember your post about that strawberry shortcake. I must give it a try. It sounds and looks delicious. My favorite castle was Eilean Donan in Scotland. All of the castles are gorgeous but that one calls to my heart. Hope your trip to Germany is filled with joy even though it is business related. Take care and have a great end to your week. Hugs!

Pipistrello said...

Love that gorgeous home! No such thing as a white wall in my place...Your hydrangeas are amazing! Don't think I've seen fuchsia colouring before.

Cobalt Violet said...

I am with you on the chocolate!!! The flowers are gorgeous!
I love March too and after so many years of drought we are having a "super bloom" here of orange California poppies and purple lupine. It's glorious and especially nice because I don't have a garden. I would love to see more of yours! :) I want to know more about his black forest Gateau??


OH MY GOSH I have NOT had a Black Forest CAKE since I was a KID!!!!!!!

SteffR said...

I look forward to checking out these links thanks. I am glad March is over personally but that is life in Scotland I just look forward to the warmer months so much here! I can only imagine that Black Forest Gateau in Germany is better than anywhere else in the world, I hope you enjoy!I have never been to Rome but it is definitely on my must see list! :-)

Loree said...

Eilean Donan is beautiful and I hope I'll make it there one day. Germany was pretty nice. We were in a small medieval city called Ulm. I quite enjoyed it even if it was very quick.

Loree said...

I agree, the fuchsia is not very common but it's my favourite colour. Although the blue ones are pretty neat too.

Loree said...

I saw photos of the super bloom and they took my breath away. The colours are awesome. Black forest gateau is a chocolate cake with shipped cream filling and cherries drenched in alcohol (I think it's called kirsch or something like that).

Loree said...

Elizabeth, you MUST go to Scotland. I think you would really love it. Haha, maybe I will share my potty room :)

Loree said...

You have to see Rome at least once in your life. It's amazing. We were in Scotland last summer and really loved it. It's so wild and beautiful.

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