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Perhaps you're wondering why I'm advertising the fact that these blogs I am sharing today are written by women who are over 40 years old. Perhaps you're thinking it's a bit rude of me to disclose their age. But I find that, although the internet is flooded with blogs and articles written by younger women, the rest of us tend to get a bit side-lined. So, although I  try not to let the age of the writer deter me from reading a particular blog, truth be told, we're always going to have much more in common with people in our own age group. In reality, I will read any blog that has something interesting to say but I have no intention of spending my time reading lists of 'must-haves' that change with the seasons that some person I don't even know thinks I should buy. Nor will I read posts by condescending bloggers telling me what I should or should not be wearing 'at my age'. But before I get side-tracked and go off on a rant about one of my pet peeves, here are 5 blogs that are always a joy to read:

The Vintage Contessa
One woman and her pig - Elizabeth & Banksy.
Photographed by Ari Seth Cohen
This blog is written by Elizabeth Kirkpatrick but all her readers know her as the Vintage Contessa. I love Elizabeth's outlook on life, her joie de vivre, her love for all things 'worn and rusted' and her larger than life personality. Elizabeth is a bit like the fairy godmother of the blogging world because she is so kind to everybody and leaves the sweetest comments. She hails from the San Francicsco Bay area in California where she lives with her husband (The Italian) and her famous fur-babies that include Theodore, the cat that can almost speak, Sir Winston, who I believe is a Corgi, and Banksy, a tea-cup piggy that loves to eat Cheerios. Her house is filled with vintage treasures that she has collected over the years and it has the most magical garden I have ever seen. Elizabeth writes about the things that make her happy and she has introduced us to a host of wonderful women that she calls friends and who are artists or creatives and who themselves have a wonderful story or two to tell. Our Vintage Contessa has been featured on many, many blogs and also in a number of magazines including Orinda  Living, Romantic Country Living and Where Women Cook.

Elizabeth is on  Instagram as Antique Goddess.

Collage of Life
I have been reading this blog, which is written by Jeanne Henriques, for quite some time. Jeanne has led a nomadic lifestyle for many years and I first came across her blog when she was still living in England. From there she and her husband moved to Vietnam, then to Hong Kong and finally, to the beautiful New Hampshire hills where she now has her forever home: the charming Tahilla Farm. Jeanne's blog is a pleasure to read. She has a way of drawing you in and making you feel at home as she chats about books, travel, family, her garden or Tahilla farm. Jeanne's posts are always interesting and they provide a wonderful window into her world. Her knack of sharing her surroundings with us always makes me feel like I am right there with her, whether it's in a mango-coloured house in Vietnam or in the lush woods and rolling hills of New Hampshire.

You may find Jeanne on Instagram at Collage of Life1.

Writer's Cramps
Gattina is the author of Writer's Cramps and, one thing I love about her blog is that she sometimes makes me laugh out loud. Her posts are always amusing and she never takes herself too seriously. Gattina is German but lives in Waterloo (Belgium), is married to an Italian and loves to travel to many beautiful places. She also loves cats and currently has two, the most famous one being Arthur, who is another cat that can almost speak and loves to get up to all sorts of mischief. Gattina blogs every day unless she is travelling and she perfectly describes her daily life in a town that was made famous by the battle between Napoleon and the Duke of Wellington in 1815.

A Breath of Fresh Air
A Breath of Fresh Air
Mary is a British ex-pat who now lives in North Carolina. She mainly blogs about her home, her garden, the amazing wild creatures that she glimpses from her windows, and her travels. Mary has travelled extensively and has visited all seven continents. It is always a pleasure to join Mary on her trips to places that I may never get to visit. Of all the places she has been to, I think that I am most in awe of her trip to Antarctica. I would so love this see this land of ice for myself one day. But, until that happens, Mary has shared some beautiful photos of her trip so that we can all travel there vicariously.

Not Dressed As Lamb
Not Dressed As Lamb
This blog is written by Catherine Summers, a style blogger who won the Individual Fashion and Beauty Award (UK Blog Awards) in 2017 and 2018. In her own words, Catherine is 'Opposing the term "age appropriate" and encouraging women to be fabulous at any age'. For this reason she started the hugely successful hashtag #iwillwearwhatilike. Every Tuesday bloggers can link up to her blog to share outfits they love and to encourage and inspire women of all ages to wear what they like no matter what age they are. Apart from fashion, Catherine writes about health, beauty and fitness and occasionally shares photos of her newest addition to the family: her greyhound Suki. She is well known for her love of bright colours, bold patterns, bubbly personality and striking red hair.

You can fine Catherine on Instagram at Not Lamb.

I hope you visit these blogs and enjoy them as much as I do. There are other blogs by 'mature women' that I will share in the future but I thought that 5 is the perfect number to keep things short and simple.

All photos I've shared today are the property of the respective blog owners.

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    I CAN NOT THANK YOU enough for your kind words!
    I didnot realize GATTINA had a BLOG!She always beats me to the comments on YOURS!
    I will sign up immediately to FOLLOW These other GALS you have mentioned!
    HUGS TO YOU and this just MADE MY DAY!!!
    GRAZIE BELLA........time for YOU to get back to FLORENCE!!!

  2. WOW! What a nice, totally unexpected, surprise dear Loree!

    Never for a moment thought I'd be included in such a great list of special ladies. Thank you so much for the very kind words, and for adding a link to my blog A BREATH OF FRESH AIR which will reach 13 years next week!

    I'm familiar with the charming La Contessa, and have actually met and was so warmly welcomed by Jeanne at her stunning farm property in NH. . . . . . the other ladies I am heading over to meet soon.

    Great post, and although I left my forties - such a super age - over three decades ago, I'm continuing to enjoy each new decade and trying to stay busy and healthy!

    Enjoy your week Loree Mary x

  3. Thank you for being generous and sharing the names of good blogs! I found your lovely blog the same way - someone was kind and shared.

    Looking forward to the next group of names!

  4. Loree I will be checking out all these lovely ladies. It is always a great to visit you too. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  5. Thank you to have mentioned my blog and that you like to read my posts ! I didn't know the Contessa, but I love her little pig, just would fit here in my household ! Fighting with Arthur ! lol ! I will have a look at all your favourite blogs (except mine) what I don't like are recepe blogs or religious once where women are always thankful to God because he helped them to do a knot in the shoe laces. I have nothing against people who believe in God but when it gets hysterical it's not for me ! I like posts where I read how people live, when somebody writes "I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a fat kangaroo eating my salad" (Impossible in my garden)

  6. Oh Lorna...I am so touched and can't thank you enough for brightening my day! It is so lovely to be mentioned with two ladies, Elizabeth and Mary, who I know well from our years writing back and forth. I truly can't imagine a world without blogging, it has enriched my life in so many ways and today it is from you. I have enjoyed your beautiful blog and insight into your thoughts, life and Malta. There have been many trials and tribulations mixed in with the joy for both of us and I have enjoyed sharing it with you. As Mary mentioned, she and I met last summer and had a wonderful time, like old friends catching up. We could have talked for many more hours. Elizabeth is a favorite of Mr. H for her enthusiasm when he surprised me with the color of Chateau Mango. She always makes me smile. I look forward to exploring your other you, we all appear to be dreamers, what a wonderful world we live in as a result! Wishing you well my friend from the chilly woods of New Hampshire. Jeanne xx

  7. I had no idea that you even had this post, I love all of these ladies. You are so right, ladies over 40 are often overlooked. I recently read an article that said that women over 50 become invisible. Yikes that is scary as I will be turning 54 next week.


    YES WINSTON WAS A CARDIGAN CORG he passed in December...........XX


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