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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

February faves

February Faves is the first (it should be the second but I had to deal with a few Blogger glitches in January because of which that instalment did not get published on time) in what I hope will be a monthly round-up of articles or photos that are worth more than a cursory glance. I hope that you will find these links worth your time and that you will discover new blogs to read.
Mediterranean heather
I don’t want to bore you and make my post cumbersome with too many links so I will stick to 5 articles and one Instagram photo per month.
So here are this month’s favourite articles:
  1. Lou Bradford writes A Love Letter to the Planet and talks about how we can all make a difference, no matter how small, to help our planet before it’s too late.
  2. I was fascinated by this story of Sister Irini who first arrived on the Greek Island of Amorgos as a tourist  and returned, decades later, to live in an old monastery she has restored herself.
  3. Lizzy from What Lizzy Loves shares some tips about how to  Create Perfect Outfits Using the Colour Wheel.
  4. Ann Voskamp’s article For the woman who feels passed by & wrinkled & a bit busted by life really tugs at the heart strings and spoke to me on so many levels that I have book-marked it as a favourite.
  5. Amanda shares the reasons why she things blogs will make a comeback in 2019 in this article. I hope Amanda is right. Blogs are such a perfect way to share snippets of our life with our online friends on a platform that requires a bit more engagement on the part of the reader than Instagram or Twitter (although I am glad to say that I have not succumbed to the Twitter bug yet and probably never will as I find it pretty pointless).
And now on to the Instagram photo that made me stop in my tracks: a beautiful sunrise in Glencoe, Scotland by Paul Bullen.
On a more personal level, February is one of my favourite months because it is my son’s birth month. This year he joined the teenage ranks and we celebrated with a party for him and his friends at LaserMaxx followed by dinner at the Hard Rock  Cafe in Paceville. I made a triple chocolate cake for the occasion that everybody absolutely loved and I will try sharing the recipe soon (or as soon as I have mastered the art of food photography – which probably won’t be quite as soon as I would like).

In nature, February is the time for Asphodel, Mediterranean Heather, Cape Sorrel and Crown Daisies – all of which are pretty wildflowers that burst into bloom and paint the countryside in swathes of white (asphodel), pink (Mediterranean heather) and different shades of yellow (Cape Sorrel and crown daisy). There are hints of spring everywhere, from the earlier sunrises to the later sunsets and the sun is warm without the burning heat of summer. But I won’t think about that. For the moment, I will live in the here and now.
What are some of your favourite things about February? Any February faves? Please share.


Jeanne Henriques said...

Stunning photos Loree, I love the Mediterranean heather! I am excited for Lou and enjoyed the article you referred to, lots to think about and act on as a result. Thank you for the rest of the links...we are thinking along the same lines. As for blogging, I still can't quite give it up. Twitter has never clicked for me and Instagram is great but I struggle with the lengthy posts. So much more joy in writing blog posts. My favorite things about February...the possibility of more snow, slipping on my snowshoes and enjoying the "hibernation" factor that winter brings. So many projects and the winter months provide the perfect time to do them. :)

Mary said...

Hi Loree - you certainly made this a great post - I spent ages opening all the links and reading same.
The photos of Sister Irini and life on Amorgos, fabulous - especially the one of her just sitting alone.
National Geo. always has amazing photographers - I have a friend who shot many stories for them years ago - he's Laotian but has lived here for a long time.

Belated Happy Birthday to your dear boy. A teenager in the house is always a challenge, but perhaps not as bad as a teenage girl!!!!

Yes, hibernating here through much of Feb. It's been so wet and getting chilly again after a few pleasant days recently - nothing like they've had in other parts of the US though.

What do I enjoy now - the spring bulbs popping up with bright green leaves, the many birds coming to the feeders and brightening up the bare branches, especially the cardinals, time to be lazy without feeling guilty, using part of each day to do something in the house as I try to downsize, more cozy time to read good books.

Enjoy the rest of your week dear.

Debbie Nolan said...

Loree such a great post friend. Will be visiting those links. I have read two books by Ann Voskamp. I love how she writes. Wishing your teenage son a belated Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a wonderful dessert to celebrate. Hope you have a lovely end to the month of February. Hugs!


DAPHNE a flowering flower with TONS OF FRAGRANCE!
CONGRATULATIONS on YOUR BIRTHING DAY!!!!!!!YOU must ENJOY these days ahead cause NOW it will even GO FASTER!!!!!!!!XX
I love FEBRUARY TOO as the trees start to Flower and you SEE SPRING COMING!

Loree said...

I struggle with lengthy posts on Instagram too. I don't think Instagram was made for lengthy posts. I tend not to read them as I go there for my 'photo fix'. I hope you don't give up your blog any time soon as I really enjoy reading your thoughts. Glad you enjoyed some of the articles.

Loree said...

Thank you Mary. I am glad you enjoyed the links. Yes, a teenage boy is challenging but I really do not have much cause for complaints.
Yes I thought that the story of Sister Irini was just amazing. It must be incredible to have a friend who shot stories for National Geographic. I have always loved their stories and photos.

Loree said...

Yes the cake was really delicious. I love making it. Wishing you the rest of a great week.

Loree said...

I know Elizabeth. The years are just flying by and sometimes, I wish I had a magic wand to slow it down. But we enjoy precious memories together and that is what matters. Yes, spring is definitely coming but I hope summer is still far off.

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